The city of Florence has devised a method of creative communication: about 200 graffiti made with yogurt and gypsum easily removable, with writings intended for both Florentines and visitors, to invite them not to get dirty and not to acquire counterfeit products.

These graffiti are part of the campaign of cultural awareness “CIVIC INVASION”. The mission that started in June, during the summer period, coinciding with the massive arrival of tourists, aims to promote good civil relations.

The particularity of these graffiti is, not only in the message they convey, clear and forceful, – “Be aware! If you buy from illegal street vendors you feed crime. You can be fined up to 7,000 euro “,” Animale! When non la raccogli l’animale non è il tu ocane, sei tu! The fine of 160 euros “and” Salvaggio! Non lasciare riffiuti ingombranti in Strada. Se chiami l’199-163315. Il ritiro è gratis “-, but the material with which they are painted, completely biodegradable, a mixture made of yogurt and plaster, easily removable with water. Undoubtedly, these designs preach by example: they have no environmental impact and invite to the “good education of tourists”.