28 November, 2023 Juan Fernando Marqués


Amazon joins the Intellectual Property Enforcement Portal of the European Union (IPEP). This centralized platform brings together rights holders, customs authorities, and market surveillance to combat counterfeiting.

IPEP facilitates the identification of counterfeit products, with over 1,400 brands and 81 enforcement agencies already participating. The addition of Amazon will strengthen this collaborative effort.

With the rise of e-commerce, the EUIPO has opened IPEP to online markets, developing features to support cooperation between them and rights holders. This is just the beginning, as they will work on new functions to share information with authorities in the European Union.

IPEP will not replace existing notice and takedown channels, but it will benefit all online markets seeking to protect their users from counterfeit products. As a rights holder, Amazon will also use these functions to support its own intellectual property rights.

Source: https://www.euipo.europa.eu/en/news/amazon-joins-the-euipo-ip-enforcement-portal