9 October, 2017 Juan Fernando Marqués

Don’t let them deceive yourself

Spain always in active fight against piracy.

Last Monday 2 October, with the motto “If you buy fakes, the adventure always ends badly”, an awareness campaign against illegal street vending and fake products.

The campaign, which ended on October 8, has sought to raise public awareness of the harm and risks involved in buying counterfeit products, which are mainly marketed through illegal street vending, but also to put into value the benefits that the acquisition of products originates for innovation and investment in R & D, for the generation of employment, for economic activity, in addition to the guarantees of quality and safety offered by the brands.

The development of the campaign coincided with the Marcathlon 2017, celebrated on October 7, a free, playful and educational event where brands, associations and institutions from many sectors come together to publicize the importance of Industrial Property for the economy and society.