25 July, 2017 Marqués&Ferrer

ELISAVA students design the interior of Europe’s first space travel capsule

Six students from the Barcelona school of Design and Engineering (ELISAVA) have designed the interior of the first European tourism capsule, which in two years will take tourists to the stratosphere.

The ship will allow commercial and leisure travel of 6 hours to about 34 km away from the land surface, from where you will see the curvature of land and space, and can carry up to 6 people, 2 of which will be the crew.

In this sense, the ship has been designed in such a way that the passenger will not overwhelmed with a modular, dynamic, programmable, neutral and intelligent space that enhances the interaction between the person, the capsule and the environment.

In this way, the ship has changeable spaces, reclinable and mobile seats, washbasins, floors and walls built with soft materials to be able to stretch or technological applications in the windows to listen to music, play or locate places on Earth.

The 6 students were chosen after a test phase and to get to design this capsule they spent 6 hours locked in a space of 12 square meters – like the one that has the ship – to see what sensations they had, and they flew with a balloon of helium to live an experience similar to that of Bloon.