22 May, 2019 Juan Fernando Marqués


Granizados Maresme opens the doors of its new facilities in Pineda de Mar in a very successful days.

This young company founded in 2001 and currently a leader in its sector, gathered a large number of attendees at the open days that took place on 24 and 27 April 2019 at its new facilities in Pineda de Mar.

The days gathered a very varied public. The 24th of April was directed to suppliers, commercials and clients, on the other hand, the 27th was a more ludic day, oriented to the families of friends and relatives who could enjoy their slushies, smoothies and chocolates FROSTY®, NUTRIDUL® and FRUITTES®

J.F.M. explains how gratifying it has been to have the opportunity to talk with the founders and the team that make up the family of Granizados Maresme who recognize themselves in the famous quote by Steve Jobs “…the only way to do a great job is to love what you do…”.

The fresh, colorful and modern image of Granizados Maresme’s new facilities are destined to be a reference of what a small company should be and an example of how to adapt to the continuous changes of the environment.

In Marqués&Ferrer we are pleased to collaborate with companies that try to contribute new social concepts and that have the eagerness to grow constantly.