The Spanish Patent Office has rejected, in the resolution issued this Wednesday 21/03/2018, the application for the trademark M3675632 “TOP MANTA”.
The denial of the request is based on the objections raised by the association for the defense of the trademark ANDEMA and an industrial property agency.
The TOP MANTA trademark was requested by an individual, Jainiba Bayo Bayo, presumably representative of the “manteros” – illegal street trader- collective.
The publication of the denial, despite the information collected by various media, has not been published in the Official Bulletin of Industrial Property on March 21, 2014, but will be published on 03/27/2018.
The owner of the rejected brand has requested a second mark n. M3707781 that has currently been suspended due to a defect in form, for which reason, in the event that a rectification did not occur, this request would be denied.