17 January, 2024 Juan Fernando Marqués


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The IET, or Report on the State of the Art, is a report issued by the Spanish Patent Office (OEPM), in the context of a patent application, which gathers all the technical information of any kind that could be relevant to the claimed invention, i.e. patents, articles, videos, etcetera.

This report aims to determine whether the invention is novel, i.e. whether it has not been disclosed before. It also assesses whether the invention is inventive, i.e. whether it has a technical character that is not obvious to a person skilled in the art.

The EIT is accompanied by a written opinion of the examiner in charge of the search on the patentability of the invention. This opinion is preliminary and non-binding, but can be very useful for the applicant, as it gives him the opportunity to make amendments to the application.

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