14 March, 2018 Juan Fernando Marqués


At Marqués & Ferrer we started the year with good and significant news.

In the framework of an anti-piracy operation initiated at the end of 2017 in defense of trademark rights of our client MAGNET GIRONA 2020, S.L., we have removed from the market non-authorized decorative magnets worth more than € 10,000.

In this case, the basic right of the claim consisted of three-dimensional marks no. M3068554, M3068562 and M3068566, registered before the OEPM.

In actions against piracy, M&F gives priority to the effectiveness and economy of the actions undertaken. So then, in this case, we have achieved to resolve the conflict with a transactional agreement reached after a requirement, without need to take costly and lengthy legal actions.

MAGNET GIRONA 2020, S.L. registered these decorative magnets as trademarks in 2013 to obtain a right without a time limit since the commercial life of these pieces is expected to be very long, surpassing the 20 years granted by law as industrial design. In that way, copies and imitations of these decorative magnets can be pursued indefinitely, only renewing the marks every 10 years.

Therefore, it is very important to register designs, inventions and trademarks because the protection of these gives the owner exclusive rights such as preventing reproduction or unauthorized reproduction by third parties.

In Marqués & Ferrer we advise you and we take care of all the operations before, during and after the registration of a trademark, industrial design or patent, offering support for the defense of the interests of the client.