Digital marketing. Businessman touching darts aiming at the target center with icon network connection. Business goal and technology concept
Digital marketing. Businessman touching darts aiming at the target center with icon network connection. Business goal and technology concept


M&F has launched a new technology watch service focused on European patent validations in Spain. Through this service, our clients are informed on a weekly basis of European patents that may conflict with their inventions. This new service complements the technology watch management that M&F offers to all its clients.


Granizados Maresme opens the doors of its new facilities in Pineda de Mar in a very successful days.

This young company founded in 2001 and currently a leader in its sector, gathered a large number of attendees at the open days that took place on 24 and 27 April 2019 at its new facilities in Pineda de Mar.

The days gathered a very varied public. The 24th of April was directed to suppliers, commercials and clients, on the other hand, the 27th was a more ludic day, oriented to the families of friends and relatives who could enjoy their slushies, smoothies and chocolates FROSTY®, NUTRIDUL® and FRUITTES®

J.F.M. explains how gratifying it has been to have the opportunity to talk with the founders and the team that make up the family of Granizados Maresme who recognize themselves in the famous quote by Steve Jobs “…the only way to do a great job is to love what you do…”.

The fresh, colorful and modern image of Granizados Maresme’s new facilities are destined to be a reference of what a small company should be and an example of how to adapt to the continuous changes of the environment.

In Marqués&Ferrer we are pleased to collaborate with companies that try to contribute new social concepts and that have the eagerness to grow constantly.


The visit to the School of Mechanical Engineering and Design at Dublin University of Technology gave us a great impression.

Our collaborator, Chema Ibáñez, has given the workshop “Innovation applied to design” to students of the product design program of the Dublin University of Technology, the first technological university of Dublin. Chema proudly explains how rewarding and fruitful have been the days spent at the Grangegorman Campus sharing experiences and ideas with students, trainers and supervisors of the program.



Marqués & Ferrer adds a new achievement in terms of anti-piracy.

In an action in defense of the trademark rights of our client GRANIZADOS MARESME, S.L.L., we have recovered the domain that was requested by an unauthorized third party.

On this occasion, the basic right of the claim consisted of the mixed trademarks “FROSTY” no. M3064356 and M3657981 registered by GRANIZADOS MARESME, S.L.L. before the OEPM in 2013 and 2017, respectively.

In conflicts between domain names and trademarks, the protection of the registered trademark usually has a prevalence over domain names.

In this specific case, the name of the domain is identical to the registered trademarks of our company, so, the domain was clearly in conflict with the rights of GRANIZADOS MARESME, S.L.L. when using without consent the denomination of trademarks “FROSTY”.

Our office has once again resolved a conflict between parties with the effectiveness that is ours, without the need to reach costly and lengthy legal actions. The recovery process began with a requirement whereby the opposing party would transfer ownership to the owner of the trademark.

For this reason, it is very important to register designs, inventions and trademarks since their protection gives the owner exclusive rights such as preventing their reproduction or unauthorized imitation by third parties.

At Marqués & Ferrer we advise you and take charge of all the procedures before, during and after the registration of a trademark, industrial design or patent, offering you support for the defense of your interests.


The Amazon giant launched at the beginning of 2017 an anti-piracy program with the aim of eliminating fakes in its platform.

This program is based on the creation of an own brand registry in which sellers can register their brands, gaining access to a series of tools that allow them to locate and combat copies of their products within the platform.


To register the trademark in the Amazon registry, it is an indispensable requirement that it be registered in a national trademark office, being the ones currently competent for this program those of the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the European Union. The seller must provide evidence to support the registration of his sign as a registered trademark in one of these offices.


Protection against fraud: when registering a trademark in the Amazon registry, notices are issued when a third party tries to make unauthorized use of the sign in the Marketplace.
At the same time, if the owner of the registered trademark suspects that someone is using their trademark, Amazon will investigate any infringement.
Increase of the control of the seller on his products: when registering the brand in the program, the user has the possibility to highlight his products in the searches, as well as describe them according to his preferences (adjusting the selection of images, titles and descriptions).

Proof of trademark registration

It is necessary to provide demonstrative documentation of the ownership of the brand to be registered.
They must also be provided with images of the original products, as well as their packaging or packaging when the brand appears permanently in them.
Finally, a list of countries where products are manufactured and distributed with that brand.

More information in this link.


The Spanish Patent Office has rejected, in the resolution issued this Wednesday 21/03/2018, the application for the trademark M3675632 “TOP MANTA”.

The denial of the request is based on the objections raised by the association for the defense of the trademark ANDEMA and an industrial property agency.

The TOP MANTA trademark was requested by an individual, Jainiba Bayo Bayo, presumably representative of the “manteros” – illegal street trader- collective.

The publication of the denial, despite the information collected by various media, has not been published in the Official Bulletin of Industrial Property on March 21, 2014, but will be published on 03/27/2018.

The owner of the rejected brand has requested a second mark n. M3707781 that has currently been suspended due to a defect in form, for which reason, in the event that a rectification did not occur, this request would be denied.


At Marqués & Ferrer we started the year with good and significant news.

In the framework of an anti-piracy operation initiated at the end of 2017 in defense of trademark rights of our client MAGNET GIRONA 2020, S.L., we have removed from the market non-authorized decorative magnets worth more than € 10,000.

In this case, the basic right of the claim consisted of three-dimensional marks no. M3068554, M3068562 and M3068566, registered before the OEPM.

In actions against piracy, M&F gives priority to the effectiveness and economy of the actions undertaken. So then, in this case, we have achieved to resolve the conflict with a transactional agreement reached after a requirement, without need to take costly and lengthy legal actions.

MAGNET GIRONA 2020, S.L. registered these decorative magnets as trademarks in 2013 to obtain a right without a time limit since the commercial life of these pieces is expected to be very long, surpassing the 20 years granted by law as industrial design. In that way, copies and imitations of these decorative magnets can be pursued indefinitely, only renewing the marks every 10 years.

Therefore, it is very important to register designs, inventions and trademarks because the protection of these gives the owner exclusive rights such as preventing reproduction or unauthorized reproduction by third parties.

In Marqués & Ferrer we advise you and we take care of all the operations before, during and after the registration of a trademark, industrial design or patent, offering support for the defense of the interests of the client.


The February 12th 2018, the OEPM has published the first patent grant with mandatory examination under the New Patent Law 24/2015, which entered into force on April 1, 2017. This honor has fallen on file n. P201730781 “LASER ANILOX ROLLER CLEANING MACHINE AND PROCEDURE FOR SELF-ADJUSTMENT OF THE LASER FOCAL POINT TO THE DIAMETER OF THE ANILOX ROLLER”, property of SITEXCO GIRONA, S.L and processed by our firm Marqués & Ferrer.

The requested patent, processed by the urgent concession process in June 2017, has been granted in 8 months. With the publication in the BOPI of this resolution of concession and in accordance with the novelties that the New Law 24/2015 includes, an opposition period is opened after the granting for six months, by which, if there had been no objection by third parties, the patent is granted, definitively.